Villa Marignana Benetton, built in the eighteen century to be the summer home of noble Venetian families, is today the Home-Museum of the master sculptor Toni Benetton who used it as a place for artistic and cultural encounters.

The Villa became also the place where the master sculptor’s works could be on permanent display and where workshops and training courses for keen scholars were held at the International Iron Academy, founded by Toni Benetton himself.
Still today when walking through the rooms or in the park the same atmosphere of cultural liveliness can be perceived.

On the ground floor of the main villa there is a large salon and three charming sitting rooms; on the first floor there are bedrooms and the ancient granaries which offer a splendid view over the garden and the museum park.

The “barchessa” (outhouse), framed by large pink oleanders, leads to the stables where the original horse feeding troughs in Istrian stone can still be seen. In the family chapel of past noble owners, consecrated and dedicated to Saint Anna, religious ceremonies can be celebrated on request.
The one hundred year old Lebanon cedar tree still casts its cooling shadow over the front garden.