Since 2000 Villa Marignana Benetton has been the seat of the museum dedicated to the artist Toni Benetton, the renowned twentieth century sculptor. He bought the Villa because he wanted a place where his works, being on permanent exhibition, could be seen and enjoyed by everybody.

Toni Benetton is considered one of the greatest contemporary sculptors, famous for his work in the field of Monumental Sculptures.
He was born in Treviso and at a very early age he started to attend the shop of his uncle who worked as a blacksmith and he was fascinated by the way in which iron was worked. This experience would seal his lifelong, special tie with iron.

Toni Benetton began working in the thirties, when he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice under the guidance of Arturo Martini. In the sixties some of his works were purchased by important foreign museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in Dusseldorf, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculptor Garden in Washington.

A rich collection that covers the period of time that goes from his early works to the last movable, interactive sculptures is hosted in the rooms of the museum and in the huge museum park.

“[…] In the end I found myself with all these works and I got the idea of putting them all into one place where they could be on a sort of permanent display for anyone who wanted to really understand iron culture.”